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Vitamin Infusion at GATEWAY Clinics is your shield against ailments, both mental and physical. We take pride in providing high-quality vitamin infusions to help you live a better, healthy, and active life.

Vitamins are an essential part of the total nutrient intake a human body needs. They are important for growth, immunity, strength and assist the body in repairing itself. At times, people are deficient in vital vitamins and need extra infusions to help get them back on track. GATEWAY Clinics provides a variety of different vitamin infusion packages to help maintain your health and wellbeing.

Vitamin Infusion


At GATEWAY Clinics, we utilize the best of nutrients and vitamins to ensure the treatment you are going through is safe, optimal and effective. Most of the vitamins we consume come from food, but sometimes deficiencies arise which may lead to patients seeking additional vitamin supplements.

The supplements we offer are injected into the patient’s bloodstream directly through IV infusion to ensure the potency of the nutrients does not diminish. Our infusions can be modified to fit our patients needs and can be used to infuse a combination of vitamins.


Vitamin infusion therapy is used to replenish the human body’s vitamin content. Due to essential vitamin deficiencies, the body can experience many adverse effects, such as dry skin, weak hair, sore body, bleeding gums and can even lead to vitamin deficiency anemia. Vitamin therapy can significantly mitigate these risks.

GATEWAY Clinics provides additional vitamin doses to combat these issues by offering our science-based line of vitamins in a spray delivery format for patients wanting to continue to supplement with the ease and effectiveness these products provide. Healthy vitamin content is vital for a well-functioning body, and we are ready to help you on that journey. Vitamins perform hundreds of tasks in the human body and are the foundation of health.

Rejuvenate Vitamin Levels

Vitamin therapy can increase the content of vitamins in the body to a healthier level

Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

Vitamins help in beautification as they help in making hair, skin and nails more appealing and healthier

Strong Immunity

Vitamins help defend the body against diseases and ailments

Help Against Anemia

Vitamin therapy may defend against anemia, which can cause irregularities with the white blood cell content of the body

Revitalization of the Cells

Vitamins help to repair cell damage and reinvigorate them

Great for Eyesight

Vitamins help strengthen the eyes and can even assist in seeing in low-light conditions

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Many people rely on oral vitamin supplements to assist in building healthier vitamin content in their bodies. The problem with oral tablets is they are filtered through the body via various metabolic processes which diminish their potency and effectiveness. Vitamin infusion therapy bypasses this issue by directly introducing important vitamins into the bloodstream.

We, at GATEWAY Clinics, believe healthy vitamin content is essential for good health. A significant lack of vitamins leads to lethargy, eye diseases, metabolic illnesses, and many other physical ailments. Vitamin therapy helps to strengthen the body against these issues and builds stronger cells, helps hair and nails grow, beautifies the skin, repairs cellular damage, and performs various other important functions for you to live a better, healthier life.

Vitamin Infusion


There are many different vitamins. Each of them deals with a specific issue and performs a particular function in the body. For example, some assist in cell growth, while others help break down sugars in the body. Therefore, knowledge of which vitamins to consume is essential before the treatment can begin.

Before beginning the treatment, patients would be tested, and their personal health would be assessed to determine what kind of vitamins they would need. These benchmarks help administer vitamin infusions in a safe and controlled manner most optimally and efficiently.


Our team of medical and health professionals helps you achieve the optimal healthy lifestyle you deserve through an in-depth exploration of your diet, exercise, habits and more to help you live the best life that you can have.


Vitamins are essential nutrients that are necessary for the human body to function properly. In essence, everyone needs vitamins but plenty of people suffer from deficiencies, either due to poor nutrition or other health issues. Vitamin infusion therapy is designed for those who are vitamin deficient and are willing to live a healthier life. Our multivitamin packages are carefully formulated to ensure that you remove your weaknesses and strengthen your body.

It is important to determine just which vitamin is needed. While vitamin deficiency is harmful in its own right, overconsumption of vitamins can likewise cause adverse effects. It is advised that you check in with our medical professionals for expert advice on which vitamins to consume and why.


Our Packages

Our Vitamin infusion therapy packages are broken down into their desired effects and a quick solution to getting the results you are looking for.

Immunity Booster

  • This vitamin infusion contains all the essential vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B6, C, D3, E, and K1 and strengthens the immune system against diseases of all kinds.

Beauty Booster

  • This vitamin infusion contains Vitamin B12 alongside folic acid and biotin to make your hair, skin, and nails look as desirable as possible

Hangover Recovery

  • This vitamin infusion containso ondansetron and Ketorolak which help the body get back on track after a hangover by mitigating nausea and vomiting

Multi-Vitamin Booster

  • This vitamin infusion contains the combination of the ingredients used in the immunity booster and the beauty booster giving you the best of both worlds.


GATEWAY Clinics would assess your vitamin needs and apply the appropriate vitamins in the appropriate amounts by injecting them into your bloodstream. This removes the limitation that orally consumed vitamins face such as diminished effectiveness and lead to noticeable results in a short amount of time.

Everyone can benefit from vitamins. They are essential for strong immunity systems, healthy eyes, functioning kidneys while also assisting in beautification. We at the Gateway Clinics would help you maintain your vitamin content at a healthy amount. We do not however provide vitamin testing and all patients should consult with their primary care providers for further information or testing.

What distinguishes Gateway Clinics from the rest is that our treatment programs are uniquely suited to each patient. Our experts and professionals treat every case as a new adventure—every patient is unique for us, and we believe they should be treated individually. 

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