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Ketamine Infusion Therapy

GATEWAY Clinics offers innovative mental health treatments. We utilize ketamine and its distinct restorative properties to help improve your life. Ketamine is naturally efficient at healing the brain and the mind. We use technologically advanced medical and therapeutic procedures to ensure you receive exceptional healthcare services.

The ketamine infusion therapy provided at GATEWAY Clinics renders an optimal method of introducing ketamine directly into the bloodstream in the most efficient and controllable manner. This treatment leads to results within hours and can last for months.

Ketamine Infusion

The Ketamine Experience

Ketamine is an anesthetic and as a result it has effects that relax the body and calm the mind. Under the controlled environment provided inside the GATEWAY Clinics, ketamine infusion therapy is used to treat various mental conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, as well as physical conditions such as chronic pain and migraine headaches.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy works by interacting with your brain’s neurotransmitters – helping you establish new connections in your brain. Supervised doses of ketamine can help you relax, alleviate your anxiety, relieve your physical pain, and reduce the symptoms of depression. Ketamine can help your mind disconnect from its regular thought patterns, help you calm down and it can often help you approach your problems from new perspectives.

At GATEWAY Clinics our ketamine infusions are administered in our tranquil and well-equipped facilities. We monitor your vital signs before and after the treatment as a component of providing you with utmost care and safety. In order to ensure you have a distraction-free and comfortable experience, you will be provided with noise-cancellation headphones, curated audio tracks, an eye-mask and the comfort of a warm blanket.

A team of dedicated health professionals guide you through your healing journey every step of the way. Once the ketamine infusion is complete, you will be monitored for half an hour for recovery.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to provide you a comfortable, relaxing, and therapeutic experience that is designed to help you live a better life.

What is Ketamine Used For?

Ketamine is a highly effective anesthetic and antidepressant. Ketamine’s unique properties make it a useful tool for maintaining mental health. At GATEWAY Clinics, we use ketamine infusion to treat various mental and physical ailments, including ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, eating disorders, chronic physical pain, and headaches.

Ketamine infusion is being constantly studied, and our researchers are continually finding new and innovative applications for ketamine to ensure that your mental health is as perfect as possible.

Mental Health Medication

Ketamine treats several affective disorders, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and PTSD.

Mood Stabilization

Ketamine has mood stabilization properties which can help with postpartum depression, and even treatment-resistant depression.

Pain Mitigation

Ketamine alleviates pain in the body, and relaxes the muscles.

Effective Against Headaches & Migranes

Ketamine has been known to drastically reduce headaches, and provide comfort and relaxation.

Treats Eating Disorders

Since eating disorders are closely linked to mental wellness, ketamine can help treat them with noticeable results.

Antidote to Suicidal Thoughts

Responders have noted that usage of ketamine greatly reduces the risk of suicide and it has been used effectively in this regard.

A Lifestyle of Health

Our team of medical and health professionals helps you achieve the optimal healthy lifestyle you deserve through an in-depth exploration of your diet, exercise, habits and more to help you live the best life that you can have.

The Team at GATEWAY Clinics Takes Great Pride in Providing Exemplary Patient Care in our State-Of-The-Art Medical Facilities


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The Science behind Your Healing

At GATEWAY Clinics, we believe in science first. Our medical professionals undergo regular training and education to stay up-to-date on the latest research in the field of healthcare, psychedelic therapy, and ketamine-based studies.

With comprehensive research, ketamine is a well-known medication commonly used in the field of medication as an effective anesthetic and analgesic.

Many mental ailments such as depression can alter signaling pathways in the brain, affecting neurotransmitters and receptors. Ketamine can help modulate these transmitters and receptors and can have a big impact on improving the symptoms of depression and mental health.

Ketamine targets the NMDA receptors in the brain. Once it is bonded to these receptors, ketamine has been observed to rapidly and substantially increase the amount of glutamate (a neurotransmitter) present in the spaces between neurons. This process leads to the activation of the AMPA receptors, which in conjunction with the blockade of NMDA receptors, help enhance the communication between neurons. Ketamine assists in helping you disconnect from regular thought patterns and experience mood elevation, reduction in anxiety, and relief from physical pain.

It acts on various areas of the brain, including the thalamus, hippocampus, and anterior cingulate cortex. These areas are associated with mood, thought processing, and brain connectivity. Recent research and studies have shown that regulated, low-dose ketamine infusions can help significantly improve a vast array of mental health conditions enabling you to live a better life.

The Healing Journey with Gateway Clinics

We, at GATEWAY Clinics, have successfully treated myriad patients who suffered from such mental ailments as depression and anxiety, as well as physical pain. Each patient to walk through our doors may have been different but the one constant has always been our commitment to adapting to your particular needs, and treating them through personalized treatment plans.

Your healing journey will begin the moment you enter into our facility and take your intake exam, and will continue beyond your therapeutic ketamine sessions—with post-treatment advice from our staff on how to maintain your mental and physical health.

Our approach to your health goes beyond the ketamine infusions. Our integrative approach to wellness includes state-of-the-art vitamins, supplements, and medicinal mushrooms in a combination with protocols based on prevailing and most cutting-edge scientific studies.

Patients undergo a comprehensive medical assessment by our dedicated professionals to determine their eligibility for ketamine infusion. Dosage is adjusted as per the needs and goals of each individual, as deemed necessary by our experts, to ensure your safety. Our top priority and motto remains: “Safety First”.

The GATEWAY Clinics team members have a single aim of making your life better – with care, compassion, and kindness.

Ketamine Infusion process

Our Process

Psychedelics have a long and complex history in terms of their applications. Although their usage can be traced back to prehistoric times, most research and study have been conducted in the 21st century.

Step 1

Medical & Psychiatric Evaluation:

There is evidence of the consumption of psychedelics since prehistoric times. For example, shamans used it for religious rituals, and warriors consumed it owing to its psychoactive nature.

Step 1

Step 1


Once we have determined there are no barriers to you receiving ketamine, our team will help prepare you for your first treatment session and answer any questions you wish to ask.

Step 1

Step 3

Medical Intake:

One of our highly trained medical professionals will meet with you, discuss your therapy goals, the key issues you face, inform you of what to expect, and answer any additional queries.

Step 3

Step 4

IV Ketamine Sessions:

You will undergo four guided ketamine therapy sessions [two consecutive sessions 24-hours apart followed by another two consecutive sessions 24-hours apart one week later], assisted by highly trained medical professionals. Our therapeutic team stays with you throughout the treatment to monitor your health and provide extensive care for you.

Step 4

Step 5


You can always schedule an integration session with our medical professionals in between regular ketamine therapy sessions if you need any additional advice or help.

Step 5

Step 6


We will develop a follow-up plan with you once your scheduled ketamine therapy sessions are concluded. The plan is designed to assist in ensuring you have lasting positive outcomes from your treatments. We will help monitor your progress, assist with your post-treatment queries and provide any other help you might require.

Step 6


Ketamine is a breakthrough medicinal substance that has proven effective against mental ailments even in cases where traditional antidepressants have failed to make a difference. As per the prevailing research, over 70% of individuals who experience ketamine therapy report positive and favorable results which usually become apparent within the first few hours and can last up to weeks- but each person responds differently.

Ketamine therapy has been advised to patients who have contended with mental health issues as well as chronic pain for a long time without experiencing any ease with traditional medicine. GATEWAY Clinics are committed to aiding your mental health using ketamine infusion to help you regain control of your mental health and life.

To determine whether ketamine treatment is suitable for you, it is advised you visit our facility for an intake exam as well as a medical assessment. Our medical professionals will go over your medical history to make sure that it is safe for you to undergo ketamine treatment.

Ketamine intravenous infusion is the safest way to administer ketamine to patients as it is the most controllable. Medical professionals can monitor the absorption, accuracy, and efficacy—and control it whenever required. On the off chance this method is not accepted, alternative means of intramuscular infusion are also available at our Santa Monica ketamine clinic.

Ketamine therapy is effective at providing relief from mood disorders and mental illnesses as it is said to directly repair damage in the brain which is caused by cortisol as a result of chronic stress. Conventional antidepressants mainly treat the mind by providing a temporary, slight boost of serotonin. The effects of ketamine are augmented by its natural anti-inflammatory properties which take a different approach to treating disorders than other medications.

Ketamine affects the glutamate system which is used by the neurons for communication. High doses of ketamine seem to block the glutamate, making it an effective anesthetic; however, at low doses, glutamate production is augmented which in turn helps modulate brain connections.

Depression and other mental illnesses are understood better today than ever before because of modern technology, extensive research, and wide-ranging awareness campaigns—and we are now able to detect and treat depression far more effectively with the help of the latest medical advancements.

Ketamine helps treat depression by binding with or blocking NMDA receptors in the brain which, in turn, increases the amount of glutamate neurotransmitters between neurons. It leads to the activation of the AMPA receptors, which in conjunction with the blockade of NMDA receptors, help create new pathways and enhance the communication between neurons.

The process, known as synaptogenesis, works much faster when compared to conventional antidepressants, most of which take weeks to produce significant results.

Patients who struggle with affective disorders, both mental and physical, and especially those who have found the conventional treatments to be ineffective will find ketamine to be an attractive option. It is a highly efficient treatment with little-to-no major side effects which can help improve a patient’s quality of life.

Ketamine has been shown to be effective in mitigating symptoms of depression, hopelessness, anxiety, chronic physical pain, and other affective disorders. Ketamine can help drastically improve people’s lives by providing them with rapid relief.

Gateway’s Santa Monica ketamine clinic is staffed with experts and experienced medical practitioners who conduct your therapy sessions in a safe and secure environment, and also offers any post-therapy assistance a patient may require.

Ketamine has been shown to have a remarkable success rate—from 70% to 80% of individuals who have undergone ketamine therapy treatment have reported favorable results. Most importantly, the improvement is noticeable in a matter of hours, and can last for months on end.

Prior consultation from medical experts is highly recommended before choosing to undergo ketamine therapy. Our team at the Santa Monica ketamine clinic will render a professional recommendation to a potential ketamine therapy patient only after completing a thorough examination and completely assessing the person’s overall health.

Any side effects produced by ketamine therapy are rare and short-term. By administering ketamine through intravenous (IV) infusions, we ensure that you receive the exact amount of medication you require while keeping your health under close observation at our facility. This enables us to provide you with the safety and comfort you need, and reduce any potential side effects.

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