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GATEWAY Ketamine Clinic Santa Monica offers innovative mental health treatments. We utilize ketamine and its distinct restorative properties to help improve your life. Ketamine is naturally efficient at healing the brain and the mind. We use technologically advanced medical and therapeutic procedures to ensure you receive exceptional healthcare services.

The ketamine infusion therapy provided at GATEWAY Clinics renders an optimal method of introducing ketamine directly into the bloodstream in the most efficient and controllable manner. This treatment leads to results within hours and can last for months

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Ketamine IV Therapy - Ketamine Clinic Santa Monica

Our state-of-the-art ketamine clinic Santa Monica, located in Los Angeles County, employs ketamine—a particularly safe and effective anesthetic and antidepressant—to combat affective disorders and promote better mental well-being.

Ketamine has shown clinical promise in being effective in the aid of treatment of mental conditions as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, ADHD, and even suicidal ideation while also treating physical disorders such as migraines, eating disorders, and chronic physical pain.


Ketamine intravenous infusion is the safest way to administer ketamine to patients as it is the most controllable. Medical professionals can monitor the absorption, accuracy, and efficacy—and control it whenever required. On the off chance this method is not accepted, alternative means of intramuscular infusion are also available at our Ketamine clinic Santa Monica.

Depression and other mental illnesses are understood better today than ever before because of modern technology, extensive research, and wide-ranging awareness campaigns—and we are now able to detect and treat depression far more effectively with the help of the latest medical advancements.

Ketamine helps treat depression by binding with or blocking NMDA receptors in the brain which, in turn, increases the amount of glutamate neurotransmitters between neurons. It leads to the activation of the AMPA receptors, which in conjunction with the blockade of NMDA receptors, help create new pathways and enhance the communication between neurons.

The process, known as synaptogenesis, works much faster when compared to conventional antidepressants, most of which take weeks to produce significant results. For more information please reach out to us at GATEWAY Ketamine Clinic Santa Monica.

Patients who struggle with affective disorders, both mental and physical, and especially those who have found the conventional treatments to be ineffective will find ketamine to be an attractive option. It is a highly efficient treatment with little-to-no major side effects which can help improve a patient’s quality of life.

Ketamine has been shown to be effective in mitigating symptoms of depression, hopelessness, anxiety, chronic physical pain, and other affective disorders. Even though it is not a cure, it can help drastically improve people’s lives by providing them with rapid relief.

Gateway’s Santa Monica ketamine clinic is staffed with experts and experienced medical practitioners who conduct your therapy sessions in a safe and secure environment, and also offers any post-therapy assistance a patient may require. For more questions please reach out to GATEWAY Ketamine Clinic Santa Monica.

Ketamine has been shown to have a remarkable success rate—from 70% to 80% of individuals who have undergone ketamine therapy treatment have reported favorable results. Most importantly, the improvement is noticeable in a matter of hours, and can last for months on end. To learn more, make an appointment for a free consultation with Ketamine Clinic Santa Monica. 

Prior consultation from medical experts is highly recommended before choosing to undergo ketamine therapy. Our team at the Santa Monica ketamine clinic will render a professional recommendation to a potential ketamine therapy patient only after completing a thorough examination and completely assessing the person’s overall health.

Any side effects produced by ketamine therapy are rare and short-term. By administering ketamine through intravenous (IV) infusions, we ensure that you receive the exact amount of medication you require while keeping your health under close observation at our facility. This enables us to provide you with the safety and comfort you need, and reduce any potential side effects.


Vitamin Infusions

GATEWAY’s ketamine clinic Santa Monica also offers, through infusion treatment, essential vitamins vital for your health and wellbeing. Our infusion methods make certain all nutrient-rich vitamins are swiftly absorbed into the bloodstream, hydrate the body, and deliver immediate results.

The infusion acts as your shield against such ailments as the common cold, influenza, and various recurring viruses—and helps strengthen your body’s immune system so it can better combat food poisoning.

Immunity Booster

  • The immunity booster vaccine focuses on strengthening the immune system of the body to fight against common viral diseases and infections, such as influenza. The infusion contains all of the necessary vitamins for immunity, including A, B1, B2, B6, C, D3, E, and K1.

Beauty Booster

  • The nutrients in our beauty booster help produce such amazing, aesthetic results as healthy hair, glowing skin, and strong nails. The infusion facilitates the rejuvenation of cells and produces long-lasting results. Ingredients include vitamin B-12, biotin and folic acid, which make certain you truly shine and feel your healthiest every single day.

Hangover Recovery

  • Gateway’s hangover infusion is the miracle blend of our Immunity Booster combined with Ketorolak and Ondanseron. It helps you recuperate rapidly by giving your body the essential nutrients it needs to recover.

Multi-Vitamin Booster

  • A signature blend of immunity and health, our multi-vitamin infusion contains the ingredients of both Immunity Booster and Beauty Booster formulae to ensure you have the best of both worlds in the most efficient manner.


Gateway’s IV infusion injects essential vitamins directly into your bloodstream to make certain the nutrients act quickly and efficiently. Traditional oral pill and capsule vitamins are far less effective because they have to pass through the body’s natural filtering processes (our digestive system), which renders a greatly diminished absorption of the important active ingredients.


Vitamins are beneficial for anyone and everyone. Immunity Boosters help maintain optimal inner health and Beauty Boosters work to help you achieve the outward glow you deserve. Our infusions also hydrate your body to make certain your kidneys perform as they should.


GATEWAY’s Santa Monica ketamine clinic offers highly personalized treatments, tailored according to your individual needs and desires. Our team of expert medical practitioners also offer consultations, including post-treatment advice, on how to maintain both your physical and mental health.

The Uses of Ketamine

Ketamine is an anesthetic medication—approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration [US FDA]—used to treat a variety of affective disorders.

It can help significantly mitigate the symptoms of depression [even treatment-resistant depression], anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder [OCD], post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD], attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD], and even suicidal ideation.

Furthermore, ketamine helps relax the body’s muscles, and treat chronic physical pain, headaches, and eating disorders.

Extensive research has been conducted on ketamine in recent years, including at our own Santa Monica ketamine clinic, in the hopes of finding ever new applications for the drug.

Mental Health Medication

Ketamine treats several affective disorders, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and PTSD.

Mood Stabilization

Ketamine has mood stabilization properties which can help with postpartum depression, and even treatment-resistant depression.

Pain Mitigation

Ketamine alleviates pain in the body, and relaxes the muscles.

Effective Against Headaches & Migranes

Ketamine has been known to drastically reduce headaches, and provide comfort and relaxation.

Treats Eating Disorders

Since eating disorders are closely linked to mental wellness, ketamine can help treat them with noticeable results.

Antidote to Suicidal Thoughts

Responders have noted that usage of ketamine greatly reduces the risk of suicide and it has been used effectively in this regard.

The Team at GATEWAY Clinics Takes Great Pride in Providing Exemplary Patient Care in our State-Of-The-Art Medical Facilities.


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Our Process

Step 1

Medical & Psychiatric Evaluation:

Your journey at GATEWAY ketamine clinic Santa Monica begins with a thoroughly detailed assessment at one of our world-class clinics. Our team will take your vitals, go over your entire medical, psychiatric, and surgical history, and record your medications, allergies, sleep, diet and other factors that may affect your health and treatment.

Step 1

Step 2


Once we have determined there are no barriers to you receiving ketamine, our team will help prepare you for your first treatment session and answer any questions you wish to ask.

Step 2

Step 3

Medical Intake:

One of our highly trained medical professionals will meet with you, discuss your therapy goals, the key issues you face, inform you of what to expect, and answer any additional queries.

Step 3

Step 4

IV Ketamine Sessions:

You will undergo four guided ketamine therapy sessions [two consecutive sessions 24-hours apart followed by another two consecutive sessions 24-hours apart one week later], assisted by highly trained medical professionals. Our therapeutic team stays with you throughout the treatment to monitor your health and provide extensive care for you.

Step 4

Step 5


You can always schedule an integration session with our medical professionals in between regular ketamine therapy sessions if you need any additional advice or help.

Step 5

Step 6


We will develop a follow-up plan with you once your scheduled ketamine therapy sessions are concluded. The plan is designed to assist in ensuring you have lasting positive outcomes from your treatments. We will help monitor your progress, assist with your post-treatment queries and provide any other help you might require.

Step 6

A Lifestyle of Health

Our team of medical and health professionals helps you achieve the optimal healthy lifestyle you deserve through an in-depth exploration of your diet, exercise, habits and more to help you live the best life that you can have.

Why Choose GATEWAY Clinics?

Gateway Clinics utilizes the best of ingredients with state-of-the-art medical facilities under the guidance of our well-trained and experienced medical staff. Moreover, our treatment methods are specially curated for the individual patient, as we believe that no two individuals are the same or require the same formulaic care. We treat each case as separate and each treatment is tailor-made for the particular patient.

Mood Stabilization

Our staff is highly trained and qualified to treat and heal patients suffering from a myriad of ailments and disorders

Additional Attention

Patients can schedule extra therapy sessions to help answer queries or for additional support

Pure Ingredients

Our ingredients, be they ketamine or the different vitamins and supplements we offer are of the highest quality and sourced from trusted manufacturers

Flexible Programs

Our therapy sessions are specially curated to the individual to help contend with the specific ailment of the patient

High-Tech Facilities

Our facilities incorporate machines that are up to global standards and follow rigorous health and safety guidelines

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our promise is to deliver the best possible service and provide a treatment experience that exceeds your expectations

Santa Monica Ketamine Clinic, Los Angeles County

Our clinic in Santa Monica, Los Angeles County is equipped to care for all your ketamine therapy needs. Our staff is committed, professional, very well-trained and we ensure comprehensive patient care with the best possible services.

With state-of-the-art facilities and amenities at the Santa Monica ketamine clinic, you can be sure that we have the means to provide you world-class treatment. Visit us, and begin your journey of a lifetime.

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Our Team

Our team at the GATEWAY Clinic at Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, comprises dedicated and highly experienced medical and healthcare professionals with a passion for making lives better. Medical experts, researchers, innovators and professional physicians from all walks of life are part of the GATEWAY Clinics team to ensure you receive world-class care and treatment.

GATEWAY Clinics Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, Brings you a Ream of Highly Passionate Medical Professionals with Innovative, Cutting-edge Technology to Deliver Exceptional Treatments and Healthcare Service to you.

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