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GATEWAY Clinics set out to change the future of mental health by bringing the best researchers, medical physicians, and thought leaders to create world-class clinics that prioritize patient care and science.

Our vision is a world of people who are fully engaged, fulfilled, and functioning at their optimal levels.

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Ketamine Infusion

GATEWAY Ketamine Clinic offers innovative mental health treatments. We utilize ketamine and its distinct restorative properties to help improve your life. Ketamine is naturally efficient at healing the brain and the mind. We use technologically advanced medical and therapeutic procedures to ensure you receive exceptional healthcare services.

Mental Health Medication

Ketamine treats several affective disorders, such as depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, and PTSD.

Mood Stabilization

Ketamine has mood stabilization properties which can help with postpartum depression, and even treatment-resistant depression.

Pain Mitigation

Ketamine alleviates pain in the body, and relaxes the muscles.

Effective Against Headaches & Migranes

Ketamine has been known to drastically reduce headaches, and provide comfort and relaxation.


Vitamin Infusions

Proactivity is key to preventing disease. Our IV Multivitamin Infusions ensure that higher concentrations of essential vitamins enter your bloodstream and are immediately delivered directly to your body’s cells, allowing your body to better absorb these nutrients. With a focus on total wellness, our infusions are your defense system against general illness, the common cold, influenza, viruses, and food poisoning, in addition to restoring your body’s essential hydration.

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The History of Ketamine

Ketamine is a medication, approved in 1970 by the United States Food and Drug Administration [FDA], which has been used predominantly to start and maintain anesthesia but was first used in the treatment of battlefield injuries to American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

First discovered in 1956, and synthesized by Calvin L. Stevens in 1962, ketamine is used to induce a dissociative amnesia which puts patients into a trance-like state, and provides them relief from pain in addition to sedation.


Ketamine Therapy

Revolutionary therapy for anxiety, depression, and PTSD

The discovery of Ketamine’s anti-depressive action and the benefits it offers when used as a therapeutic agent for affective disorders has been described as “the single most important advance in the treatment of depression in over 50 years”.


Treatment Resistant Depression

Finding a Way to Break the Resistance

Treatment resistant depression, or refractory depression, cases are so classified when patients are observed to show no response to several antidepressant treatment procedures and/or medication.

Simply put, they are instances where conventional methods of depression treatment do not work at all. In such cases, patients can be left feeling discouraged and hopeless. In extreme circumstance, they can suffer without any relief for months or even years. And all of it has a compound effect on the depression which already haunts them.

Calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence, so that's very important for good health.


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